Adventure With Coffee: Paarl Rock

We have been wanting to head up Paarl Rock for a long time. It’s not that far from the roastery in Franschhoek and we knew we could have a quick little adventure after work.

The views from Paarl Rock are nothing short of breath-taking, providing perfect backdrops for an adventure, and as you can see from our Lazy Bones video, stunning videography. It’s only 2km from the centre of Paarl, the heart of the world-famous Cape Winelands. 

It is a relatively easy climb, manageable even by supervised children that are somewhat used to exploring their surrounds. From town, it does not actually look that high. But the height is deceptively impressive once we reach the top, and the surrounding vistas exquisite. 

The actual rock is so massive that it actually feels quite surreal walking along it. Almost other-worldly. Once we found a good spot, we made a delicious cup of Lazy Bone blend coffee as usual.

The entire reserve around Paarl Rock is home to an array of trails, giving those who want to explore the beauty on foot plenty of opportunities to do so. The shortest of these trails is 2.5km, and the longest 10km. The climb from Paarl Rock to the top of the second rock, Bretagna Rock, should take hikers an hour each way. 

Picnics and braais at the foot of Paarl Rock are the perfect way to end this memorable experience.