Adventure With Coffee: The Banhoek Waterfall

Welcome to the first video in our Adventure With Coffee series – The Banhoek Waterfall.

We head off to find a little-known waterfall in the Banhoek Mountains between Franschhoek and Stellenbosch.

We here at Terbodore live in a beautiful part of the world. We’re fortunate to be surrounded by majestic mountains and incredible places to explore. And what better way to savour the experience than to treat yourself with a good cup of (preferably Lazy Bones) coffee along the journey.

The waterfall we went in search for is situated in the pristine Banhoek Conservancy and it’s quite the two-hour hike to get up into the ravine, under the shadow of the lofty Banhoek Peak. But as you can see in the video above, it was worth it.

Using our Aeropress Go to brew some Lazy Bones coffee, while sitting by the waterfall’s pool, was a great experience. It was a reward for the long hike up. Despite the roar of the waterfall, we were amazed by the serenity of our surroundings.  

About Lazy Bones
Lazy Bones is all about taking the coffee journey outside, exploring and finding incredibly beautiful places to enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s simple, we throw in our Lazy Bones coffee and gear in a backpack and set off on an exciting adventure. Join us on our next journey, as we explore the possibilities of coffee.

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