Brew Guide: Espresso

Brew Guide


Espresso is the heart of coffee. A rich, intense, and flavourful shot that serves as the foundation for most coffee beverages. A delightful pick-me-up for coffee aficionados everywhere!

Step 1


Espresso Machine


Fresh coffee (Home Espresso Grind or Beans)

Your Favourite Cup

Coffee Grinder


Step 2

Grind Coffee

Grind 18-21 grams of coffee into the brew basket of your portafilter.

Step 3

Distribute & Tamp

Distribute the coffee by drawing a flat finger across the top of the portafilter edge. Place the portafilter on a flat surface and position the tamper level on top of the grounds. Apply firm pressure downward to flatten (tamp) the coffee.

Step 4


Purge the espresso machine group head by running hot water through it. Insert the portafilter in the group head and lock in place. Start extraction. Extraction should take 20 – 25 seconds and produce a 30ml shot.

Step 5

Sip & Enjoy

Drink it black or with milk. Enjoy however you drink your coffee.