Brew Guide: Moka Pot

Brew Guide

Moka Pot

The Moka pot brews rich espresso no matter where you are. At home on a stovetop or on a campfire, you savour the intense flavour of an Italian-style coffee!

Step 1


Moka Pot

Clean, fresh, hot water

Fresh coffee (Filter Grind or Beans)

Your Favourite Cup

Coffee Grinder

Step 2

Grind Coffee

The amount of coffee will be different depending on the size of your Moka Pot. The aim is to fill the brew basket and level it to the top without compressing the grinds.

Step 3


Fill the base of the Moka with boiling water to just below the steam release valve. Place the brew basket in the base and screw on the top. Use a kitchen towel to prevent your hands from burning.

Step 4


Heat the Moka on a low-to-medium heat. The aim is to get just enough heat that the coffee flows evenly from the top spout.

Step 5

Watch & Listen

Listen for when the air start pushing through the spout. Remove the Moka pot from the heat so the coffee does not start to flow too quickly into the top chamber.

Step 6

Pour & Enjoy

Rince your cup with hot water. Pour and enjoy.