Colab Series – Paul Senyol

Paul Senyol Terbodore Colab series

Welcome to the Colab Series and welcome to the first artist we’re collaborating with, Cape Town’s Paul Senyol. In collaboration with Paul, we’ve released a limited edition coffee adorned with a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork called The Botanist. Created specifically for this limited run.

Paul is an abstract painter who reflects the details of everyday life, paired down to an empathy with colour, line and form. You could almost say his work is a crafted response to his wonderings through various spaces. 

Of course, we need a beautiful coffee to match the stunning exterior of this collectors piece. So we have guided Paul in creating a custom medium roast coffee blend that’s balanced and has notes of Caramel and Plum.

Paul Senyol holding the Harlequin Handmade mug - Terbodore

Coffee and art have come together here in a beautiful way. “Coffee forces me to take a break,” says Paul. “I can take stock of what I’m doing on a canvas while slowly sipping on a cup of coffee. I’m actually sitting for a little bit longer because I’m drinking a cup of coffee. Things in the paintings start to get highlighted and then I’ll make a quick note.” 

Coffee allows Paul to slow his day down to some degree. “It really just allows me to distill and focus on what it is that I’m busy with at that time,” says Paul. “There might also be something I’m doing admin related where I’m like OK, it’s almost like a good excuse to just take 10 minutes and take stock of what I’m doing.” 

Paul also recognises that coffee connects people. “Think about the great conversations you’ve had with someone over a coffee sitting in a cafe. I have experienced wonderful conversations here in the studio, inviting somebody in and making them a coffee.”

The Botanist is informed by drawings and paintings that Paul has done before but with a twist. His main aim is to attract you visually to what’s actually inside and the two meet up at some point. “The two match in a sense,” says Paul. “I want to visually express what is inside. What you’re tasting in your mouth at a coffee level. So hopefully for me there’s a bit of a connection in terms of the colours, shapes and forms and what you see visually.” 

The exterior features colours that are vibrant and eye-catching. There is a level of complexity in terms of the composition, which is something you might experience in a cup of coffee, but nothing too overpowering.   

To go along with the coffee we are also giving away two prints of The Botanist. These have been expertly produced by our friends over at ORMS.

To give yourself a chance of winning, you simply need to purchase this coffee. With the Colab Series, a percentage of each sale goes to the artist.