Terbodore Available in 4WKS Compostable Pod

4WKS coffee pods - compostable next to an egg crate on a counter - Terbodore

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with 4WKS pods to be one of their roasters.

Besides recently introducing our own compostable coffee capsule, we are collaborating with the good folks over at 4WKS with their new home-compostable coffee pod.

Single-use plastic capsules are out!

These amazing new pods are made from sugarcane waste and are compatible with Nespresso machines. The pods are sold in a beautiful glass jar.

Once the pod is used, it starts breaking down in four weeks (hence the name). And just like an apple core, it’s gone in two months.

Other roasters in this exciting new collaboration include DeluxeNaked and Rosetta. 4WKS want their pods packed with the best and freshest, local coffee.

They want coffee pods to be on your weekly, not monthly shopping list. Just like milk and eggs. Contact them now to start your 4WKS journey.