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Lazy Bones Coffee Combo


Try all three of our Lazy Bones coffees including the original blend and two single origins.

Lazy Bones Blend

Tasting Notes
Green Apple  |  Clean  |  Balanced

Blend Components
Malawi  |  Brazil  |  Ethiopia

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Uganda White Nile Organic

Tasting Notes
Full-Bodied  |  Milk Chocolate  |  Toffee

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Processing – Fully Washed & Sundried
Varietal – SL14 & Catimor
Growing Altitude – 1,450 – 1,800 MASL (metres above sea level)

Burundi Rugembe Hill

Tasting Notes
Bright  |  Berries  |  Caramel

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Processing – Fully Washed and Sundried
Varietal – Bourbon
Growing Altitude – 1,750 MASL (metres above sea level)


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