Colab Series: Paul Senyol | Terbodore Coffee

Colab Series: Paul Senyol




Tasting Notes
Caramel  |  Balanced  |  Plum

Blend Components
Brazil  | Indonesia |  Ethiopia


Welcome to the first coffee in our new Colab Series and welcome to the first artist we’re collaborating with, Cape Town’s Paul Senyol. This limited edition coffee is adorned with a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork called The Botanist. Created specifically for this limited run.

Of course, we need a beautiful coffee to match the stunning exterior of this collectors piece. So we have guided Paul in creating a custom medium roast coffee blend that’s balanced and has notes of Caramel and Plum.

To go along with the coffee we are also giving away two beautiful prints of The Botanist. These have been expertly produced by our friends over at ORMS.

To give yourself a chance of winning, you simply need to purchase this coffee. With the Colab Series, a percentage of each sale goes to the artist.

Check out the blog post and feature vid about the first coffee in this exciting new series.